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Felipe chooses 5Live’s formation lap music for the 2014 Chinese GP.

22nd April 2014 18:16
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Felipe Massa

22nd April 2014 13:44
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Happy birthday, Angie, Zeynep and Zsolti :). Your Tumblr Blog has the same age than Felipinho :-)

Yeah! And our birthday is near the Felipe’s birthday! It’s something…..meant to be XDDD Thank you so much!!

22nd April 2014 13:29
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Felipe Massa turned 4 today!

Wow, look how my email got me as soon as I got home! 4 years! Thank you very much who, at least just a bit, stayed this time with us! You are awesome!


Angie, Zeynep and Zsolti

That day really hurt, hurt a lot - Felipe Massa (x)

I have no doubt about Felipe whatsoever - I have had no doubt about him, really, from when he started to make the miraculous recovery he’s made. And I think he’s probably going to come out of it a stronger person […] I think that’s probably going to be the case with Felipe, because he is so hungry and desperate to succeed, and he’s very, very mentally strong. People don’t really understand how mentally strong he is - Rob Smedley, F1 Racing - december 2009 (x)

20th April 2014 17:38
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Colors may change, but our respect and support for Felipe will always be the same!

20th April 2014 17:34
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Do not try to reason with the Felipe Mafia in their time of grief, no matter how reasonable you are.

Fernando paid Pirelli off to make sure the tyres were assigned incorrectly HE PAID THEM OFF I TELL THEE