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Colors may change, but our respect and support for Felipe will always be the same!

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Do not try to reason with the Felipe Mafia in their time of grief, no matter how reasonable you are.

Fernando paid Pirelli off to make sure the tyres were assigned incorrectly HE PAID THEM OFF I TELL THEE


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Post-Race comments

Rob Smedley, Head of Vehicle Performance: It’s bittersweet really as the car was quick. We had a good strategy and the team worked well together. It’s a real shame for Felipe and the whole team about the pitstop and it is something that we need to investigate to ensure it doesn’t happen again, as it cost us points today. To have one car in the top ten shows that we have the pace and that gives us continued optimism, so we will take the positives forward to Spain.

Felipe Massa: I had another great start today and we were fighting at the top. I felt some contact with Fernando but luckily the car wasn’t damaged so I could carry on. There was a mistake at the first pitstop and that effectively lost me the race as I came back out on track in last position. It is a frustrating situation and something we need to work on to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. We have time now to work hard and improve the car for Spain

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I know how to lose and I know how to win and it is another day of my life from which I am going to learn a lot - Felipe Massa (x)

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The Brazilian Mafia, Post Qualifying, 2014 Chinese Grand Prix.

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Felipe Massa (and Dudu and Andrew and Rob), Friday & Saturday, 2014 Chinese Grand Prix.